EventHost helps communities run events and game jams.

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About EventHost
Built by event organisers
EventHost has been refined over the years supporting the Melbourne Global Game Jam. With over a decade of experience running in-person and digital events, we provide you with everything you need to make your event run as smoothly as possible.
Online ticket purchases
If you're running an event with paid tickets, attendees can purchase tickets through the EventHost website, with payments made immediately into your Stripe account. There's no need to wait until the event ends to get paid, and we also support discount codes.
Connect online
Whether you're running an in-person, digital or hybrid event, EventHost lets you onboard attendees into a Discord server. EventHost can also set roles based on answers to custom questions, and sync Discord nicknames to the name attendees provided when registering.
JamCast for live streaming
EventHost provides the private JamCast streaming platform, which cycles through attendees desktops so that participants can see what each other are working on. Designed for game jams, it helps keep your community connected even over large event spaces or digital events.
Custom pages
Don't be limited to a single "About" page; with EventHost you can add any number of pages to your event website and control exactly who sees them.
Attendance agreements
Get your attendees to agree to attendance documents such as a code of conduct and computer use policy before they attend the event. We also provide common templates to help you get started.
On-site registration
Know when your attendees arrive. EventHost provides on-site registration so you can ensure that certain information is only made available to people at the venue.
Collect information
You can add any number of custom questions to your event and require attendees to fill them out in their profile.