Melbourne Global Game Jam 2024

Working with fellow jammers on a really cool idea is great, but of course, there will come the time that you’ll need to submit your project and ensure that it is uploaded before time runs out. In the past, there can be a delay in uploading projects on the Global Game Jam site, if there are numerous teams uploading simultaneously. To guarantee that you can upload your project in time before the cut-off, you should follow these instructions and complete steps before the suggested time.

1.      Create a Global Game Jam Profile.

Go to and click ‘Participate in the Jam’. You can register a profile using an email address. If you already have a profile from previous years, you can log in instead. 

2.      Join the Jam

Once you have logged in, click on ‘Choose a Jam site’ on the top bar. Click on the drop down and Search for ‘Australia – Melbourne – Melbourne Global Game Jam 2024’, select it and click ‘Join!’

(Note, the Melbourne Jam site may not be available until after the start of the Jam. Please be patient until it has been unlocked).

It is best to ensure you complete steps 1 and 2 by 10am Saturday Morning.

3.      Start your project/Form your team

Feel free to make a start on your game after the Opening Presentation.

4.      Create a Project Page

Nominate a team member if working in a group, to create a Project Page. This will be where you upload your project on Sunday afternoon. You can add more detail to the page once your project starts to take shape. Once you’ve created the page, other Jammers from your team can join it. You can join multiple teams, but ensure one page per project.

Steps 3 and 4 are best completed by 10pm Saturday Night.

5.      Upload your project

From Sunday 3pm, you should complete your project and start to upload to your project page. Although you have a couple of hours to upload, you’ll also need to pack up and clean your space in this time. The files you’ll require to upload will depend on what you’ve created your game in. Search online to see what you’ll need to upload for your project, you can ask for assistance from fellow jammers. You may need to re-upload your project if your connection times out.

If you have any issues, let an Organiser or Volunteer know, or ask in #help-me on the Melbourne Global Game Jam 2024 Discord Server.