Welcome to Melbourne Global Game Jam 2024! The stream above shows you what other people at the event are working on. It cycles through the desktops of attendees who are running the JamCast software.

If you want to stream your desktop here, download the JamCast client software below.

JamCast Downloads

You can download all versions of JamCast from this page.

For Windows, just double-click JamCast.exe and you're ready to go.

For macOS, extract the ZIP and then double-click on the JamCast application to run it. You'll probably need to grant JamCast permission to stream your screen, so if you have to approve it in System Preferences, make sure you then Quit and launch JamCast again otherwise your screen will show up blank on the stream.

Customizing OBS

You can fully customize what's shown on stream when your desktop is picked. Just open OBS from the system tray or icon area. There you can see what you desktop will look like when on stream, as well as add other elements like images, etc. Just make sure you keep it appropriate for the event.

Stopping JamCast

Just close either the JamCast window or press the Quit button. JamCast doesn't minimize to tray (intentionally), so it will always appear in your taskbar or the dock if your screen could be picked for streaming at any time. Therefore, you should always make sure you close JamCast if you're finished jamming for the day.

You can also exit OBS from the system tray if you need to. JamCast will automatically exit if OBS closes.